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Between two cars

October 3, 2006

Seeing photos of a abandoned Soviet city today felt nostalgic, the past I have been racing away from making itself known again. It’s not the place I once remembered (that has changed into what it is now), more just the general athmosphere, the feeling of something that has completely faded away. I remembered that I grew up in that feeling, living and breathing it. This is kind of what it would be like had I been the last person to leave forever, dust, chairs and motivational posters of my childhood.

I’ve met a school girl a couple of days ago, she was 15. She was born after the Iron Curtain came down and has no feelings associated with it. I think I could feel like that sometimes – everything is moving so fast, I’m living day to day and have no relative idea of how far behind things are. How fast I’m moving.

The today has to get stuck between yesterday and tomorrow to get me to take notice. A few days ago I was getting ready for work and realised my clothes are a collection of expensive ties and jackets and faded worn out t-shirts and jeans. My laptop is worth more than my car. Over the last two years I’ve changed the things around me, and maybe I’ve changed myself too. Don’t really want to think about it. A time slice of now will probably fade, and if history is anything to go by, I’ll likely forget it and move to being someone new again.